You can’t handle the truth. Or can you?

Coronel Jessep: You want answers?
Lieutenant Kaffee: I think I am entitled to.
Coronel Jessep: You want answers?
Lieutenant Kaffee: I want the truth.
Coronel Jessep: You can’t handle the truth.

I watched this dialogue in the movie: “A few good men.”. Years ago. Never forgot it.

Since then, I have heard many times that the world would not resist one single day of sincerity.

I mean, if everyone told the truth, and nothing but the truth, for 24 hours.

Social groups would collapse. The conflict would drown families. Governments would dissolve by popular demand. The dismantlement of companies would be inevitable.

This topic was the main idea in some films, funny ones, rough ones also, by the way.

I have also read a few scientific works backing this up. Explaining why lying is such an essential competency. Kind of the glue that allows society to endure and survive.

But I also firmly believe one fundamental affirmation:

The truth is the best partner of change.

So, unless you are trying to hide something from me, don’t patronize me by assuming the truth will be too harsh to deal with at any time.

I can handle it. Let it come.

Treating adults like infants is called arrogance.

Adults behaving like children is called immaturity.

I am neither arrogant nor immature. Of that, I am pretty sure.

So bring it on.

Let the truth light its path even on the darkest corners.

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