Theon Greyjoy: I just want you to know… I wish… The things I did.
Bran Stark: Everything you did brought you where you are now – where you belong. Home.

(ref.: Game of Thrones, Season 8, Episode 3.)

It’s up to you, entirely, to believe.

You could assume that there is no way to control what life will bring.

You could also hold the thought that your actions imply precise consequences.

And, even more importantly, that every single thing you put in motion grants you one superpower.

To put you exactly where you are, at this very moment. You might call it home. Heaven or hell, nonetheless. But still home. The very one you built.

So I strongly recommend you pay utmost attention, now, to the blocks you’re using.

To the structure of your house, or the lack of it.

It is going to show later on. Bluntly. And it’ll have your signature in it.

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