Come on Now…

“Come on now, who do you,
who do you, who do you,
who do you think you are?”

That is the bit of the song that really strikes me. The Gnarls Barkley song (Crazy).

You should hear it. No matter your age.

Because it resonates with an everlasting challenge.

Do you really know who you are?

Can you explain your true self effortlessly? And why is it so important to have the answer?

“Life is but an expression of your identity over time.
Resulting in a long story, comprised of many smaller ones.”

This last bit is mine, humbly.

And there is a vast difference between writing your own story and having it written for you.

Maybe you don’t mind. Perhaps we are not really in control.

I care, though. Enough to have spent a lot of time investigating.

And even after discovering that there are a few things I’ll never understand, it’s still worth it.

To be able to explain what you love, what you hate, why you do what you do.

And to be able to pursue your dreams with open eyes.

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